3 Natural Recipes insect repellant

There are several different formulations you can do for your natural mosquito repellent. In general, what you do is to dilute an essential oil that mosquitoes find distasteful and that confuses so you can not find and bite. Oils do not mix with water, so you have to add to other oils or alcohol.

3 Natural Recipes mosquito repellent

It is important to use an oil or alcohol that is safe for the skin. Also, do not go overboard with essential oils. The oils are potent and can cause skin irritation or other reaction if too much is used. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, do not use any mosquito repellent, natural or not, to consult with your doctor.


If you’re doing a lots of mosquito repellent, a good rule of thumb is to mix the repellent having 5-10% of essential oil, so mix 1 part essential oil with 10-20 parts of carrier oil or alcohol. For a smaller batch:

– 10 to 25 drops of essential oils
(total) – 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil or alcohol

Essential oils as repellent mosquitoes

cinnamon oil – oil of lemon eucalyptus

lavender oil – citronella oil
– castor oil

insurance carriers oils and alcohols include:

olive oil – sunflower oil

witch hazel – vodka


Mezclar essential oil with carrier oil or alcohol. Rub or spray the natural insect repellent on skin or clothing, taking care to avoid the eye area. You will have to reapply the natural product after an hour or after swimming or exercise. Once repellent fact, it can be stored in a dark bottle, away from heat or sunlight.

Mosquito repellent using water

Mix in a bottle of 16 oz:

– 15 drops of lavender oil
– 3-4 tablespoons vanilla extract
– 10 drops of oil of lemon eucalyptus
– 1/4 cup lemon juice.
– Fill the bottle with water
Shake and is ready to use.. Sprayed on the body parts you want to protect against mosquitoes

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3 excellent combinations with avocado for face

The avocado is a fruit most often used in the creation of skin creams, thanks to its many natural benefits. The avocado to the face is very beneficial because it has folic acid, vitamins C, B6, A and E, some of the contents that promote hydration and skin elasticity , in addition to providing a thorough cleaning, leaving out impurities , dead cells and excess fatness.

you can use the avocado both to make face masks as any part of the body , results will be the same.

avocado for face with lemon

One of the most used mixtures is to avocado and lemon , which is recommended for those with oily skin, because the lemon meets drying function, eliminate glare and pimples. We just have to peel and stepping avocado, mixed with the juice of half a lemon and apply it on the skin. Leave on the mixture about 20 minutes and rinse.

Aguacate to face with olive

Oil On the other hand, for those with skin dry type can make a mixture of avocado with olive oil , as its components greatly aid the hydration and smoothness thereof. It is similar to the previous preparation, we just peel and stepping avocado, add two tablespoons of olive oil and mix until smooth. Apply on the skin, massage for a few minutes and leave 15 to 20 minutes. Remove and rinse with water.

Avocado for face with honey

And finally is this mixture of avocado with honey bee , also for dry skin. Combined with avocado honey provides the skin the necessary components for perfect wetting, it is recommended for the face, but we can apply the mixture anywhere in the body. Mix half previously peeled and crushed with a spoonful of honey until smooth avocado . Apply and let stand about 15 minutes. If you need more quantity of mixture must be guided by the above measures.

With these three recipes avocado stop face, you ensure a deep moisturizing and softness to the skin leaving aside those problems dryness or excessive fatness and only take a few minutes. In addition the use of certain beauty products contain chemicals that can be harmful to the skin is avoided.

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Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Salary (United States)

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What is the LPN

LPNs (also known as the nurse‘s license, pediatric nurse practitioners, LP nurses, nurse practitioners, occupational or LVN) who is authorized to conduct training to cope with the bedside registered nurses caring for patients with diseases, injuries and disabilities under the supervision of medical staff to deal with doctors and other health care professionals. They are a necessary component of any health care team. In many cases, they are in the first medical professional interaction with the patient reaches the hospital unit initially. Click here to see more about the LPN job description and how to become an LPN.
Work environment

LPNs in various medical institutions including hospitals, extended care facilities, physician clinics, community health centers, urgent care centers, working in the customer’s home. However, you will find the largest percentage of licensed nurses in nursing facilities. As a nurse can be stressful and tiring to consider them on their feet all day, they have to lift the patient out of bed and help them go.
Work Schedule

LPN salary

Most have to work full-time hours LPNs or LVNs, reminding work part-time or variable schedule. They need to work evenings, weekends and holidays time for opening hours in hospitals and care facilities for the day. Nurses often need to work 12-hour shifts, sometimes 2-4 Tiancheng a row, and then a few days rest.
The average annual salary LPN

The average annual salary for a nurse license $ 42,400. The average wage is a professional within all wages and divided by the value calculated by the number of workers in this occupation. Licensed practical nurse wages less than the minimum of 10% $ 30,970. Licensed practical nurse highest paid 10 percent to reach more than 57,360 U.S. dollars.
LPN Salary: Quick Summary
2012 average salary $ 42,400 per year
$ 20.39 per hour
The top 10% wage $ 57,360 a year
$ 27.58 per hour
10% of the $ 30,970 annual salary at the bottom
$ 14.89 per hour
The number of posts, 2012718800
LPN employment prospects and outlook

Such as registered nurses and other nursing assistants, LPNs and LVNs as demand is higher than the average rate of rapid growth. In fact, from 2012 to 2022, the growth rate in new jobs is estimated at 25%. This will result in the past 10 years 182,900 new employment opportunities for these professionals licensed in hospitals around the country, nursing homes, clinics and other institutions working within more and more. The main factors driving this growth is the aging population, increasing the number of LPNs retirement, as well as the rise of the basic medical needs.

Because only a year’s time to become licensed as either a foot or LVN, this is an attractive career individuals to work in the medical industry, rather than continue to complete a lengthy education. Degree is relatively easy to obtain, and pass the exam for licensing purposes, the individual is ready to work. Therefore, it also led to the popularity of this industry will eventually employ nearly one million Americans.

What affects the LPN salary

LPNs and LVNs are essential to patient care in various medical institutions, to help doctors more quickly and easily perform their services. The growing health care industry is encouraging individuals seeking to enter the industry, as well as provide employment to continue throughout the next few years to increase its predictive value.

A quick look at the pay trend licensed nurses found that continued to increase over the same period a year‘s wages. 2004, LPNs only reached $ 34,000 a year to make. Salary increase of about 1,500 yuan, next year and follow this pattern until the salary increases in 2009 from there, but at a slower rate than before continuing. One of the main reasons for the growth slowdown is to facilitate the economic recession in 2009, when the U.S. economy as a whole is a major blow. However, demand remains bright future LPN exceeds supply, so we believe that this growth will accelerate again once the economy fully recovers.

Due to increasing employment, wages may fluctuate as well. There are many factors that will affect the licensed practical nurse, some of which include the salaries of experience, education, industry expertise and location.
Experience and Education

Experience often means, in a more professional facility transition from care facilities. This is especially true because there are more than initial authorization of any training program position LPN‘s. Obviously, this means that their experience is a major factor can lead to higher earnings in the field of work.

LPNs to obtain additional certification is quite common nowadays. Certification, such as wound care, basic cardiac life support, basic life support, advanced cardiac life support, pediatric advanced life support, neonatal resuscitation, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is among those who want to have better employment opportunities and higher wages in general.

Top payment industry is the lowest concentration of those with LPNs. Once certified, many people began to work in nursing facilities, hospitals and doctor’s offices. However, the average wage in these areas are usually low. Have more experience, they tend to get the highest income sectors, including college, insurance companies and grantmaking and giving services, including all of the salary from $ 47,490 to $ 49,320 position.

Coastal states with the highest level of employment, but also those who paid the highest salary for LPNs and LVNs. This is probably because these areas have more hospitals or due to high population total medical facilities, increase qualified, experienced LPNs and LVNs in demand. Paid before the state is ranked Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Jersey.

However, the industry-paying metropolitan areas found almost exclusively in California, another coastal countries. Related to this, the highest paid LPNs and LVNs non-metropolitan areas are found in states such as California and Alaska, which indicates that the country‘s language environment is the main influence LPNs and LVNs average annual wage.


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